Together… We Are Strong!

A Website for the Professional Tradesman

This website has been put together to address many real life struggles that the building professional deals with on a daily basis. It is like no other because we are not open to the public and is exclusively in existence for those professionals who are playing by the rules.  We’ve made this site better by allowing the construction labor force to join.  We want to be your source for finding a contractor who needs help, or finding labor to get your work done.   Our purpose is to be involved in the process of making the profession, more professional.  When you join you can start the journey submitting trade secrets, offer your work status, and for the Licensed Contractor, get involved in the Discovery Area.  Pricing:  For the first year,  Licensed Contractors  $49 / Subcontractors $39 / Journeymen $29

Designed for the “Professional Tradesman”

This site has been designed for the Professional Tradesman, and is not a site for the Consumer or the weekend warrior. It has been designed by someone who has been in the trenches and understands the struggles of being in business in the building trades. In fact, if you are a professional, you are required in most states to have insurance, and if you contract directly with the public, you are required to be licensed. So if you want to be a part of this exclusive group of professionals, we are at a minimum going to verify your insurance and get a copy of your DBA, which will give you access to most of the site and with full access being granted to both insured and licensed contractors.  Additionally, we are allowing Journeymen to join which will help in your search for work, as well as enable the contractors to find the help they need. As we mentioned before, this is a professional trade site and our purpose is for the benefit of the professional exclusively.

Still unsure if you should join? Read the ABOUT US and the FAQs pages to help you decide.