About Us

After working in the building industry, full time since 1980, we thought it was time for the trades to have a place where they can share with each other solutions to the many difficulties in the business. Cost of doing business, governmental regulation, code changes,  material cost spikes, DIFFICULTIES FINDING QUALITY HELP, ( which is becoming even more difficult ), and every kind of interaction with the consumer.  Like many of you, I have discussed these struggles at the end of a tailgate more times than I can remember. But at the end of the day, no matter what great ideas our discussion would bring forth, it was isolated to those in attendance.  Trade struggles and how to handle them are what have birthed this web site.  We now have the ability to share in real time an enormous amount of information which will benefit the building professional.  As a professional, you become empowered, informed and in control of your business.  That is our purpose, want and goal !