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Posted on March 30th, 2018

The Professionals are Talking !

Just last week we added a new driver to our insurance policy and the rate per year jumped $1700.  Today, I am shopping online for a better price and once again I am reminded we have no secrets.  As soon as I entered my name and address, every vehicle we own populated.  They, the quoting company knew what we had, what the deductibles were, if we had towing, everything!  All this has been updated since we changed our policies a week ago.  WHY?  Because there is a data base where these companies report information so the other companies know what you have, what you do and if you drive safely.  That is one of the main purposes of VOICE OF THE TRADESMEN. If you are Licensed and insured, you have access to the DISCOVERY area.  It’s a data base for the contractor.  Plumbing, Electrical, Builder, Mason, Tile Setter, it doesn’t matter.  If your dealing with the public, you need to be talking.  You need to be making your fellow tradesmen aware of who is a good risk and who is not.  

Posted on February 12th, 2018

Uniting Contractor and Journeymen

This is the place to put it out there.  Not only will you be able to find the help you need to get the project done, they will be able to find you.  Your contact information, as well as your work availability or your need for help will be available to site members.  Whether a JourneymanSub Contractor or a Licensed Contractor, this tool will be valuable.   We have put this important element into the site to serve one of the most difficult areas of the business, Labor !!!