Together… We Are Strong!

Are you interested in belonging to an exclusive group that is interactive between the people who belong to it? Think about the last time you applied for life, health or business insurance. Without a doubt you were investigated by the insurance company before they offered a policy to you. How about getting a bank loan.  Do they trust your willingness to pay them back or do they check up on your credit history.  It’s a protection for the insurer and the banker to know who you are. That same protection idea for the building professional who is licensed, is part of what we offer on this site through interactive communication.

Equally important, we are opening the door for the contractor to rate their experience working for the consumer. Good or bad, you can share whether you were paid on time, or even at all, and things like whether consumer purchased products required your expertise and were there on time to keep the project rolling. Lots of important information that is critical for fellow contractors to know. We are talking about the little things that will affect your bottom line.  Before you agree on a price, you should have some history on who you are working for.   That is wisdom.

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