Why are insurance certificates/ License / DBA necessary?

I am sure this is a question that runs across the minds of potential members.  Well, if your a W-2  guy, a man on the payroll, ( Journeyman ), you don’t need any paperwork, but if your not, you do. “Why the paperwork?”  It’s for the protection of the membership!  Quite honestly, it’s a hassle for us to keep up with all the paperwork, but if we don’t, this site will be like all the others who are supposedly for the professional, ( the guy making a living in the trades ) but allow everyone to join.  The trades are a special group who deserve to be set apart.  If your licensed, you will have opportunity to rate the consumer so every contractor, Electrical, Plumbing, Building, Masonry and all the rest can have access to private information that will tell them the last guy didn’t  get paid by John Doe.  Or John was great to work for.  As a professional group, we are standing alone far too often, that needs to change !  If you are a sub contractor, we want the generals to know you are legal and up to date before they hire you!  It’s simply  protection for everyone.    

Posted on March 25th, 2018 in Membership.

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