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The Difference is Between Success and Failure

Sometimes the difference between success and failure is a little information hidden in the vault of experience. Words of wisdom from someone who has been through the struggle you are up against.

Have Any of These Scenarios Had an Effect on your Business

  1. You finish the project but the owner doesn’t want to give you the last check, later you find out he’s done this before.  
  2. You just finished a grueling effort to get the FREE BID in on time to later find out there are fourteen different contractors bidding on the same project.
  3. The consumer is always willing to rate the contractor but you seem powerless when it comes to leveling the playing field, Discovery has changed that.
  4. You are in need of work but don’t know where to look.  Who is hiring?
  5. You need to get the work done on time but don’t have the man power, now what?
  6. You just paid your insurance premium only to find out the company down the street is about half of what you have been paying for the last ten years.
  7. You need a better source for materials and at a better price, who can you ask?
  8. You didn’t have language in your contract prior to getting it signed that has exposed you to financial disaster. Bet you wish it was in there before you sign that paperwork.
  9. Is it a good idea to incorporate, or is it OK to be a sole proprietor? Could knowledge from an expert save you some $.
  10. You know how to build a set of stairs, but this one follows a circular wall.  Help !!!
  11. What stone do you seal, what stone do you dare not?  Someone knows!

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