Following are some common questions regarding this website and the information we provide. Don’t see the answer to your question? Please feel free to contact us.

FAQs about using the site

What makes this site different from all the others?

This site is the most geographic site available which is intended exclusively for the building trades. We are working with local vendors, suppliers, etc. as well as the local job community. The purpose of this local interaction is to bring real life benefit to the site members which can often be used on a daily basis. We break down your area based on the county you live in to keep it workable.  And because it has been put together by a contractor who has almost 4 decades of experience in the field you can have confidence that our goal is to help you find success.

How can rating a project benefit the contractor?

The contractor will gain insider information as to the character of an individual client. This will serve as a source of confidence or as a warning of caution when dealing with prospective clients. That is why it is so critical to not only check up on a potential project, but also to rate those you have completed.  If a client is a 90 day payer, I’d like to know that before I give them a price, or at least put language into your agreement that will protect you from long delays in getting paid.  Knowledge of the client is a big deal, and someone out there will have the answers.

May I rate projects which were done prior to my membership?

Of course you can. We are about information and helping others as they pursue work. We are in the business of awareness and protecting each other from the snares of less than upright business practices.

What is the purpose of the Projects in the Works area?

The PITW area is for the purpose of limiting your efforts in pursuing a projects. Often the consumer will enlist a large number of contractors to find the cheapest price which produces a huge effort by many contractors that, often times, results in no work. You will be able to decide if there are too many involved and either jump in, or move on. We feel a contractor could save at least a week of bidding labor per year by using this tool and encouraging other to do the same.

Will others know I am bidding on a project if I put it in the PITW area?

The only way others will know about a potential project, is if the customer contacts that contractor and asks them to get involved.  That contractor will then put his information into the PITW area, all determined by the project address, which will populate only those who have been contacted to bid at that address.    This is a valuable benefit for all contractors involved and will allow them to make an educated decision about their chances to land the project.  Too many involved, you may want to put your efforts into something else.  This portion of the site alone, should save you hundreds of hours per year bidding.

FAQs pre-sale

What makes this site different from all the others?

We are a geographic local site in that we isolate your particular region into areas that are useful to you everyday.  If you want to find out who is available for work, you don’t  need to look through a long list of people who are 500 miles away to find a few close by.  We’ve made it easy to find people in your local area.  That’s one example of how being geographically isolated can help you save time and money.

Why do you not accept credit cards as a source of payment?

PayPal is a more cost effective way to make payments and is very simple to get an account that will withdraw directly from your checking account.  Even so, you may use a credit card which will be handled through Paypal.   We are also happy to accept a check with the proper insurance paperwork and either a copy of your up to date license or your D.B.A. Paperwork all of which can be sent to our address in the contact us area. Requirements to join will vary from state to state.

Why do you not let everyone join, including those those who work occasionally in the trades and the consumer? You would have a much larger membership.

This site has been designed for the professional. The areas in the site are put together with the legal professional being the purpose for the site. Like any other professional site, it just isn’t going to benefit those whom are not the focus of its creation. WE ARE ABOUT THE PROFESSIONAL BUILDING TRADES.

What is the purpose for you to verify a license and insurance, etc?

In most states, you will need a license if you contract directly with the consumer and of course, insurance. There are those who can subcontract under a licensed contractor, but in most states will need a D.B.A. in order to be in business. We want to make sure those who are members of the site are playing by the rules.  Legal and up to date.  If you contact someone on this site for hire.  We will have made a real effort to make sure they are legal ahead of time.  You can hire with confidence.

What is the Favored Vendors area about?

The Favored Vendors area is for all kinds of business’ that have extended discount offers to our membership in exchange for their business being included and made known on the site. We will work hard to seek out chiropractors, material suppliers, auto sales and any other type business that are interested in being part of our team.

Why are there different levels of membership?

The Licensed contractor will be able to rate project experiences and also bidding information exchange. They may do so because they are legally afforded the right to contract with the public, (varies by state).

The Subcontractor will be able to access all other areas including making themselves known to all as being available for work.  Additionally they will be able to offer trade secrets and offer items in the classified area.

The Associate area will be reserved for venders, etc. who sell to contractors and others who interact with building professional on a daily basis.