Site User Membership Agreement

This portion of the site is a contract between you, the “User” of the site and us, the “Owner” of the site. This agreement may be changed at any time by the Owner, and it is the responsibility of the User to check this agreement for changes. Any membership level failing to participate by the agreement on the site will have their membership terminated and only reinstated at the sole discretion of the Owner.

Every membership level will be responsible to maintain a high level of professionalism. Profanity, manipulating facts, lying etc. will not be tolerated. Thank you in advance for not doing anything that will lower the standards of truth.

Vendor Membership

This membership is for the vendors which have offered favor to the entirety of the membership base. It will entitle you, as a vendor and vendor member, to partake in discounts that are offered to the membership. You will also be responsible to give favor to membership from your establishment. Your access on the site will be limited to viewing Favored Vendors and participation in their offerings as well as to links on the site.

Associate Membership

This area is for specific suppliers, i.e. lumber, plumbing, electrical, masonry, etc. Other members may include, insurance agents, equipment suppliers, engineers, designers, etc. As an associate member, you will have access to Favored Vendors, Guest Columns (view and submit for review), Super Deals (view and submit for review), Noteworthy (view and submit for review), Classifieds (view and submit for review), view membership list and participate in the recruit program. You are not allowed to use the membership list for the purpose of contacting membership in order to sell products and services by way of telephone calls, email contacts, etc. If you use the site for that purpose, we may remove you from the site.

 Journeyman Membership

As a Journeyman, you will join as a fellow tradesman.  You will be able to participate in every area as an associate.  Working in the field, you will be able to offer your expertise in the trade secrets area, use the classified area, indicate your available for work which will be an invitation for employers on the site to contact you, view contractors who are in need of help and offer your work experience.  You will be stating that you are a tradesmen and are currently working in or wanting to get back into the trades.  The only requirement is for you to offer work experience and the like that would paint a picture of who you are as a tradesman.

DBA Membership

As a DBA member, you will be required to submit both current DBA certificates and Insurance certificates in order to participate at this level. You will be required to keep your certificates up to date and submit an up to date certificate to us.  This will be your responsibility which will make known to those interested in hiring you that you are legal and above board, a professional. You will be able to participate in all associate areas. Additionally, you will be able to view and submit in the Trade Secrets, indicate availability for work, view contractor need for labor, indicate your expertise and experience level for viewing by contractors etc. You may contact License Contractors on the site, but please be considerate of time and in your expectation for a reply.

Licensed Contractors

This list may include Architects, at our discretion, because of the close relationship between the contractor and the architect. You will have the most access on the site and will be held to a high standard. You will be required to submit and keep up to date both copies of Insurance and Licensing paperwork. Failure to maintain this will be cause for termination from the site without refund, and you will be required to pay a reinstatement fee to rejoin the site. You will have access to everything the DBA Membership allows, but will have the benefit of additional access. You will be able to view DBA information including references, skills, experience, and everything submitted to give you a good indication of skill level and other information.

Additionally, you will be able to indicate and view consumer contact information that will provide for you and your fellow contractors important insider information. You will also be able to rate your experiences with the consumer which will help you and other Licensed contractors make informed decisions as to how best to deal with contacts from the consumer. This is confidential information and is intended only for the use of those Licensed Contractors on the site. You agree this information is to be kept strictly confidential, and it is to be never discussed with those outside of the site. You agree to never discuss this information with anyone other than licensed contractors on this site. Should you break this agreement, you will alone be responsible for damages which occur to the site, and it’s membership.